Advantages to the Affiliated Company

The employers' union is the basis of industry representation. It is like a great relentless agglutinator in promoting and defending the interests of its associates.


Strong, financially sustainable, representative institutions capable of articulating business interests and sectoral development are fundamental to building an environment conducive to business and growth in the country.

# Participation in the Sectoral Chamber of Apparel

# Participation in events and courses in partnership with SENAI / CE, IEL / CE and FIEC, with special discounts

# Legal advice

# Annual Collective Negotiations (salary bases and readjustments)

# Special participation in the Ceará Fashion Trade International Fair

#Access to industry surveys and strategies of market

# Support for national and international fairs and missions

# Free Events, Lectures and Courses

Be our Affiliated

Sindicato da Indústria de Confecção de Roupas de Homem e

de Vestuário do Estado do Ceará

Av Barão de Studart 1980, 4o andar

Fortaleza, Ceará CEP 60120-001. Tel.: 85 3421 5474

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